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Fabrics customization

In addition to its winter and summer collections, Startex Maglieria offers its customers customisation of exclusive and protected fabrics.

It is a very popular service as the work carried out between the customer

and supplier helps achieve the finest end products.

The starting point is normally our fabrics in our collection, the customer then asks to change either the yarns, graphics or treatments; this obviously entails more effort and additional costs to reproduce the new fabric.

In other cases, the customer offers us fabric samples to reproduce under the same conditions for both the product and price.

This is where our experience comes into play. In fact, this is the most difficult case as we have to guess the composition and choose the best yarn, machine and the right finish.

Production times and sales conditions are always agreed with the customer.

Customised fabrics can come with finishes as they are often essential accessories. In other cases, people ask for the fabric to be bonded with other fabrics or printed with graphics sent by the customer.



Another very popular service among our customers is finishes (or edges) which we regularly offer with our fabrics or provided individually upon request.

As we have various machines, we can offer different types of finishes:

classic 1×1 or 2×1 rib, or flat-knit, fisherman’s rib, inlay, etc, using the widest range of yarns.

Matching and print

These are additional services that we offer our customers. Our customers occasionally ask us to bond one of our fabrics with another one with a different composition and craftsmanship;

a typical example already made several times is combining a knitted wool blend fabric with a very thin polyester. The result is a water and windproof fabric that is also very warm and pleasant to the touch.

The bonding is guaranteed with special fabric glues.


We are also asked to print designs on our fabrics. Thanks to our collaboration with some of our partners, we print images with different techniques

to enhance all of the fabric even more.