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The Company

It is often said that: “life is hanging by a thread”… And for Startex Maglieria SRL, life began from that very thread, made of many ideas brought to life with knitted fabrics in a wide range of shapes, colours and processes.

The company has been running for almost 40 years, since way back in 1981 when the founder, Mauro Beltrami, first began to weave artisan knitted fabrics in the heart of the Carpi district.

Today, through his children, the company is following his path of study, research and development for new fabrics, focusing on more innovative processes and yarns and creating fabrics that are beautiful, stylish and harmonious. The pursuit of beauty is a passion and daily commitment that involves people and company departments on all levels;

How we process fabrics

Paying the utmost attention to details during every phase of the processes, in order to produce the highest quality fabrics.

Thanks to our knowledge developed in recent years, our company offers many types of knitted and jersey fabrics with the following techniques:


Interlock, ribbed, pique, fleece, elasticated, striped, jacquard, bonded, quilted, coated or felted, using plain and patterned yarns in various compositions: wool, cotton, viscose, linen, hemp, bamboo and a blend with synthetic fibres/microfibres, nylon, polyester, elastane, etc. To match our fabrics, we offer various types of finishes to satisfy our customers as best as possible.

Startex Maglieria primarily operates on the Italian and European markets, guaranteeing the highest quality and service.